Chile Ancho Seco 5LB / Chile Ancho Dried 5LB

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Ancho chile peppers are large, dried versions of the poblano pepper, averaging 10 to 12 centimeters in length and 5 to 7 centimeters in diameter. The peppers have a flat, wide, and heart-like shape with curved shoulders that taper to a round, slightly pointed tip. The surface is deeply wrinkled with many textured folds and creases, displaying dark red, almost black to mahogany hues. Underneath the semi-thick surface, there is a small, open cavity filled with many golden brown, round seeds. Ancho chile peppers have a leathery and chewy consistency with a faint floral, fruity, and smokey aroma. The peppers are considered one of the sweetest dried chiles and have a complex blend of earthy, fruity, smokey, sweet, and subtly spicy flavors with raisin, plum, and paprika nuances.

Approx 5LB. Brand may vary

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